30 June 2011

To Go Please

This post will not come with the enthusiasm of previous posts. Simply because I have tried for two days to get this post done. Day one came with getting home too two came with Google not cooperating...I couldn't save my post or add pictures. To me half the FUN is the pictures. I had most of the text done and I tried to add the pics and poof, it disappeared. We've all jackled thrown our fists up at the computer screen once or twice in our lifetime, right? OK, end of the whining, beginning of food fun!

Let's face it. I like to cook...and grill...and bake...and eat!!! But most days don't allow me the luxury of time to stand in the kitchen and cook. Tuesdays and Thursdays have been designated soccer practice days for almost 6 years now. Since Jennifer has taken up her first official summer job providing child care for an energetic 5 yr old, we must pack lunches and sometimes dinner with us in the morning when we leave at least twice a week. If we EVER had lazy days of summer, they are gone now. Welcome to life, right? Everybody who's anybody knows that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and that these two ladies don't do mornings well. Getting vertical, dressed and out the door is enough of a mountain to climb without throwing meal planning and packing into the deal. Yes, I know I can do it the night before and plan meals ahead but that's not how I usually roll. I'd like to, I just usually don't. That being said that weather I like it or not we end up stopping somewhere to eat more often than Dave Ramsey would like me to be. In my defense, I can't eat peanut butter sandwiches since I can't have the bread and gluten free bread is outrageously expensive not always affordable and it makes good toast but eating it right out of the bag like fresh, real bread is not gonna happen for this picky eater. I'm not that hungry. Jennifer is usually a lightweight and she can't eat much of anything within about 3 hours of practice or she tastes it more than once  doesn't feel well. That being said she'll eat a late lunch or snack and go to practice and I'll be ready to chew someones leg off be hungry right about the time she begins practice. Tuesday I decided that the stash of cashews I have in the van wasn't going to cut it so I made a run to my favorite decent take out food place...

It's a bit of a cruel joke to walk into a place that sells oodles of fresh bread products but I take the plunge just to get to the register and order my favorite salad. Fuji Apple Chicken...

Isn't she beauuuuutiful! Ok, so it looks and admittedly tastes better when it's on a real plate. Say what you want but I believe in the whole idea of serving food on real plates (the nicer the better!) makes it taste better. It's actually been proven (or so "they" say) to be a good dieting strategy...that you should slow down, put your food on a real plate and enjoy the experience. I'm going to go ahead and say that this is only the second time I've ordered it to go in one of those flimsy plastic containers. It didn't rock my world like it usually does...the substandard plastic fork didn't help either. Ugh! Next time I'll just be the sad person sitting by myself eating my salad inside, but at least it will be enjoyable and worth the eight bucks. Imagine the fun I had trying to cut dried apples and walnuts with a plastic fork (insert sarcasm). Yes that is a real french baguette on the side. Their apples (which are your other side item choice) usually taste like poo are not my favorite. I have discovered that if I eat 3 bites or less of something with gluten in it, I can pretty much get away with it with minimal affects. Jennifer can benefit from the rest of what I can't eat AND this time she also got a chocolate croissant. I got Mother of the Year for that one (that was her dinner). Until someone tells me I'm going to ruin my insides (which is what celiac disease does) then I'm going to gamble and get away with what I can. Turning down gluten based products has been my personal hell very difficult. Thumbs down for the dirty looks they give me when I ask them about making a gluten free line of breads. I'm not being foo foo like I've been accused of, I just can't eat it. Hats off to Panera Bread for their delicious salads and quality ingredients. Yes, I know the salads are cheaper at McDonald's but they don't even ask you if you want a real plate and fork with your iceberg and processed chicken...that's not gonna work for this girl!

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